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Simplicity is the core on which the whole O2FB CMS is build.
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Modular and extensible
Any of our existing plugins can be easily integrated into the CMS keeping the core system intact ,thus its easy to expand your CMS as and when requirment arises.We also develop custom modules as per clients requirment and integrate the same in the existing CMS
Deo Friendly Urls
SEO Friendly URLs
Also the links generated by the CMS are clean urls without any messy data attached to the links thus making them SEO Friendly.
Customized WYSIWYG Editor
The CMS comes with an powerfull WYSIWYG editor which we have customized to make the user experience much more simple You can add and format the pages in the same way as you do while working with MS Word like editor.
User Management Icons
User and Group Management
Site Administrator can create diffrent Groups and multiple users to the groups who can access the Admin Panel as per there Groups Access
e.g data entry people can have there separate group,Authors can have there separate group etc...
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Group-based Permission System
Site Administrator can grant groups diffrent permissions accordinly users of those group can have access to the CMS stystem.
e.g. Data Entry Group can access only site pages to add content,Author group can have access to Articles module etc ...
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All content added to the website is available for search so that visitors can search on any word.
Breadcrumbs Icon
This follows the visitor's progress around the website, showing whereabouts in the site they are, and providing quick links back.
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Site Navigation
Main 'Site Section's can be defined which provide the top-level navigation.Adding key pages for the section expands the menu for further choices within the section.
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Text Styles
Text styles are defined for the site as a whole ensuring that all content is consistent for a professional looking result.
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All images are added to an easily-managed Site Gfx module from where they can be re-used in any other pages.
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You can add links in-line with the text.Links can be to another page on the website, or to an external website. You can also link to attached documents.
Upload Documents Icon
Upload Documents
You can upload documents through the Site Downloads module which can be further given to download on the site or can be linked inside sites pages.
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Footer Menu
You can link to other sections of the website using a link on the footer menu.
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Your own copyright notice is automatically added to each page.